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      Does the punching automatic feeder scratch the material?

      Reading:155 issuing time:2019-12-07

      Many stamping owners have doubts when the manual feeding preparation is replaced with the automatic punching machine for automatic feeding. Will the automatic feeding machine grip the material and scratch the material? Next I will briefly introduce.


          In fact, no matter whether it is the traditional air feeder plywood clamping feed, or the currently commonly used high-speed roller feeder, NC servo feeder, roller clamp feed used by high-speed clamp feeder, it will not cause the most common materials hurt.


          Of course, for some special stamping industries, the raw materials are those with softer surfaces such as gold, silver, copper, and aluminum, which are easy to damage, and the stamped products have very high surface requirements. At this time, the standard machine may There are scratch problems. At this time, when selecting the automatic feeder of the punch, you need to pay attention to the following points:


          1. It is not suitable to use the traditional air feeder. Such materials may have the problem of scratching when clamped by the splint.

          2. For the medium and low speed stamping occasions of medium and thick plate materials, you can choose to handle the PU roller on the standard machine of high speed roller feeder and NC servo feeder. This method can completely eliminate the problem of scratching. The automatic feeder of the punch press usually covers the PU drum with the upper roller. If the requirements are particularly high, the PU roller can be covered with the PU roller.

          3. For high-speed stamping of thin sheet materials, a high-speed clip feeder can be selected. The automatic feeder of the punch press has specially processed the fixture, and the material is particularly uniformly stressed, so there is no need to worry about any indentation and abrasion.


          4. For thin sheet materials, customers can choose NC servo feeder to pull material for punching, so as to avoid strain.

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